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Individuals and institutions are continuously becoming conscious of climate change: the numerous challenges and opportunities it presents to humans, plants and animals alike. In the event of this phenomenon, it is observed that Sub-Saharan Africa is the most vulnerable, particularly due to the dependence of livelihood activities on the conditions of the weather/climate.  It is thus estimated that by the year 2020 the world will be hard hit by severe food insecurity resulting from the fact that crop yields will decrease by 50% in some African countries as food production is threatened with shortened growing seasons characterised by reduced amounts of rainfall coupled with its erratic nature. It is envisaged that climate change will exacerbate this and consequently rising poverty levels and social inequality will be on the increase and so the need to address the challenges accordingly.

It is worthy to note that dealing with the phenomenon requires the urgent need to make climate information readily available to the most vulnerable with the aim to empowering them to contextualise the information so as to plan appropriately to overcome the atrocities whilst taking advantage of the opportunities towards improving their livelihoods.

One of such strategies of making climate information easily accessible by the most vulnerable is the Participatory Scenario Planning Workshop identified by the Adaptation Learning programme for Africa in its quest to build the capacity of households to adapt to climate change The PSP is a platform which brings together various stakeholders including Meteorological Services, Local forecasters and the relevant departments of the district to discuss the forecast with the purpose of making climate information readily accessible for informed decision making and planning. It does this by creating a favourable environment for both scientific and local forecast leading to enhanced understanding of the forecast and uncertainties involved.

 The session was therefore organised to give stakeholders access to information and to plan accordingly to avoid preventable disasters in the course of the rainy season.


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