Monday, 04 July 2022

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The threat posed by climate change and its variability within sub-Saharan Africaespecially West Africa is compounded by its weak economies and high dependence onAgriculture as a major driver of economic growth. Ghana has since 2010 undertakenseveral initiatives towards development of comprehensive programmes (strategies) toenhance national adaptation to climate change. Diverse governmental andacademic/research institutions, private sector and individuals have initiated programmesand projects aimed at delivering on CSA to enhance livelihoods, increased agriculturalproduction and sustainable socio-economic development. However, the activities ofthese stakeholders in the climate change arena appeared isolated, disjointed anduncoordinated to reap desired benefits.In response, the CCAFS programme in West Africa coordinated by ICRISAT, Bamakoinvolving Ghana, Mali and Senegal was able to set up national multi-stakeholderplatforms for information sharing and learning on climate change and related policyissues. The Ghana CCAFS Science-Policy Dialogue Platform having been operationalsince November 2012 has wealth of experiences to share. This note is therefore designedto highlight the profile of Ghana’s platform, its structure and composition and the keyachievements over the past 4-5 years of existence.

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