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D District Platforms

Brief Report on CCAFS Activities by Nandom Platform in 2017

Climate change adaptation and disaster risks reduction (CCA/DRR) School clubs-: 6-Clubs had been established in four Basic schools and two SHS with a total membership of 286(M=156, F=118, Patrons=12). Their capacities were built on climate change issues, they engage in quizzes, mass education of public and tree planting in their various schools.

nadom report1

CCA/DRR School Club members in an interschool Quiz competition

In collaboration with Ghana National Fire Service Nandom Division – over 200-antibush fire volunteers has been trained and equipped with basic firefighting equipment to prevent bushfires in five (5) communities.

nadom report2

The platform also held a district stakeholders forum to sensitize them on the need to develop and ratify bye-laws on bushfires in the Nandom District. Stakeholders were very impressed with the move and sanctioned the platform to undertake the formulation of the bye-laws which will later be ratified at the District Assembly. Thus the formulation is ongoing in five communities.

Compiled by Augustine Liebo (M & E Officer)

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