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Ghana CCAFS Science Policy Dialogue Platform is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder organization and is a member of Global Alliance for CSA (GACSA) and West Africa CSA Alliance launched in Mali

Our Goal is to promote a food-secure world through the provision of science-based efforts that  support sustainable agriculture  and  enhance livelihoods while adapting  to climate change  and conserving natural resources and environmental services


To enhance climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector in rural communities in Ghana through exchange of information, experience sharing, learning to influence policy.


  • Network and interact regularly with relevant stakeholders to develop Ghana’s priorities and needs for adaptation to climate change.
  • Identify related research needs and priorities and conduct supportive studies to facilitate policy and decision-making processes
  • Build capacities to enhance change and adaptation to climate change effects at the local, national and sub-regional levels
  • Facilitate agribusiness related activities to enhance rural livelihoods and empowerment.
  • Form strategic alliances for optimization of environmental resources through inter institutional networking, knowledge sharing and learning and research.
  • Share policy status and options for climate change adaptation and mitigation in agriculture
  • Ensure widespread dissemination of outputs and knowledge products from evidence-based research.


Launching of Ghana Platform


The Platform has a Secretariat established with a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, M&E Officer, Accountant,  and Executive Member. Also it has a National Core Team formed with representatives of 10 strategic partnership organizations; CSIR, MOFA, FAO, NDPC, EPA, UG, GMet, CSO, NGO, FBO and  over 60 multi-stakeholder members representing various institutions and organizations. Also it has a Sub-national level platform comprising local level policy and decision makers (e.g. DAs, Traditional Authorities, CSOs/NGOs, Farmer Groups & Associations. 




CCAFS Platform Ghana 

P. O. Box AH 20, Achimota,

Accra - Ghana


Tell: +233 302 912 178/9